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Five ways moving home is like finding The One

Whether you’re buying, selling, or both, there’s no doubt that moving home is just as tricky as finding romance. After all, your perfect home will need to meet a long list of criteria, and it’s not a match made in heaven unless your new property has that special ‘something’.

From first impressions to getting to know what’s on the inside, here’s everything you should think about when you’re buying and selling.


1. First impressions take just a few seconds

It’s long been thought that it takes just seven seconds to form a first impression of someone. That’s why those on the dating scene want to look their best – it’s all about putting your favourite version of yourself into the world.

Buying a home is very similar. You’ll start forming an opinion the moment you set eyes on a property, probably without realising it. That’s why it’s so important for sellers to show off their home at its best. Even small things like moving rubbish bins around the back, cutting the grass, and parking the car around the corner can create a better first impression, one that your potential buyers will carry for the rest of the viewing.

It’s not about lying or dressing things up. Instead, it’s about taking the best aspects of your home and making sure your buyers can see them, so they know exactly what your home can offer them as a long-term match.


2. There’s more than meets the eye

While first impressions matter, there’s always more to a home than meets the eye. That’s why it pays to look past the surface and get to know what’s on the inside too.

Just like the object of your affections might later reveal some strange hobbies or have a questionable taste in music, the properties you look at could be full of surprises – including good ones. When you’re looking for a new home, look for signs of potential instead of just what’s on the surface. For example, a living room might be dingy, but with a lick of a paint and a new carpet, would it actually be perfect for your family? On the other side of the coin, you might be dazzled by a newly-fitted kitchen enough to overlook something that bothers you later on.

Sellers can help by realising the potential their own property has. For example, maybe there’s lots of room at the end of the garden for a shed or a summer house. It never hurts to point these things out to potential buyers!


3. You’re out to impress

Meeting a potential love interest is nerve-wracking for many reasons, not least because you want to make a good impression. Surprisingly, house hunting isn’t much different.

This one’s particularly important for anyone buying a home. If you want to be an ‘impressive’ buyer and give yourself the best chance of nabbing your dream home, a bit of preparation will go a long way. Turning up to viewings on time, having an agreement in principle sorted in advance, knowing how much deposit you have, and having your existing home on the market are all things you can do to make yourself more attractive to the seller. It might just give you a competitive edge!


4. It all costs money

A recent poll suggested that dating costs the average singleton £1,350 a year. That sum comes from lots of smaller expenses that all add up – and the same goes for moving home.

While the price of your next home is the biggest thing you’ll need to budget for, it’s important not to forget the other, smaller fees you’ll pay too. Surveys, solicitors, removal vans, and even pet-sitting for your grumpy cat on moving day will all add up, sometimes to a lot.

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